The Russian package is a comprehensive non-stop 24 hour entertainment package which offers a variety of programs...
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RTVi. Russia’s first independent TV network, headquartered in New York. News free of Kremlin censorship. Presents informational programs "Now in Russia", "Now in Israel", "Now in the World", "Now in the USA". Moreover, each day, the viewers can watch three Russian series during prime-time. This channel will definitely add to the list of your daily addictions.



RTR-Planeta. Presents a mix of best programs, shows and films from the leading Russian channel “Rossiya” and the most acclaimed channel “Kultura”. Provides a broad range of high quality content: news, comedy, drama, groundbreaking documentaries & lifestyle programming. Planeta is a very modest name for the channel; the Universe would be the right one.



Amedia is #1 Russian channel – solely comprised of the best Russian series, soap operas, historical dramas and crime shows.


Russian Illuzion

Russian movie channel – modern and good old “oldies” -entertainment for the entire family. The channel is designed to unite generations and deliver pearls of Russian cinema, showing modern film and series, as movies produced in the nostalgic 60-s and 80-s.


Nashe Lubimoe Kino

Nashe Lubimoe Kino offers the best Soviet movies shooted by famous directors with participation of popular actors. Movies – leaders of national film distribution and winners of various awards and prizes in Russia and abroad.



CTC International is a universal entertainment channel that strives to achieve the perfect combination of Russian and foreign programs, series, sitcoms, sketch shows and other content of interest to its target audience. The channel’s lineup includes its own in-house series and shows, as well as adaptations of some of the best international formats. World famous animated movies from major worldwide and domestic studios, famous Hollywood and European blockbusters are also an important part of CTC’s content.



TVCi is a general entertainment channel from Moscow, Russia. Programming includes movies, soap operas, talk shows, daily morning shows, health shows, educational programs and news segments 4 times a day. TVCi is the leader in analytical, political and family entertainment programs a day.


Rain TV

Rain TV is all about honest news, daring experiments, live concerts, interesting discussions, culture, politics, business and documentary. We talk about important things with those who are important to us. Most of the Rain TV shows are LIVE broadcasts.



Detskiy is a children’s entertainment channel, trusted by parents. It is comprised of cartoons, game shows, children’s most popular movies, kid’s arts and crafts programs.


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